Our Review

A word to the wise: be careful with xxx cam sites. I recently discovered the beauty of fapping to cam sites and I can honestly say that they are much more addictive than the traditional porn site. I can’t stop going back to them. Once you have experienced a great cam site, with its heightened levels of interactivity, the fact that you’re actually talking to sexy girls and that they’re willing to do (just about) whatever it is you ask them to, there’s almost no going back to the typical types of porn. I am officially hooked.

I mean, can you really blame me? The adult cam site provides more than just live streams of sexy ass girls masturbating on cam. The adult camming site provides an experience. By borrowing the hardcore, explicit voyeurism of porn, as well as the live, real-time interactivity of the strip club, cam sites give you something totally unique, a new experience every time you log in. The result is, of course, an unforgettable experience, a memory you can return to in your spank bank even when the wifi is down.

Not all cam sites, however, are created equal. There are many variables at play when it comes to discerning whether a given cam site is worth your money. First and foremost, you have to take into account whether or not, on the whole, the site in question has a good selection of hot models. This isn’t as straight forward as it sounds. Most cam sites don’t really do any sort of hotness vetting when it comes to what girls they let broadcast themselves. And it’s going to be kind of a gamble depending on who’s online when you happen to log in. But what separates a good cam site from a great cam site is how consistently smoking hot girls are live, so that no matter when you visit the site, you’re guaranteed to see a beautiful girl.

Another factor we have to consider when looking at cam sites is how uninhibited the girls are. In other words, do the girls make you pay top dollar to see what they have to offer? Again, this varies greatly from girl to girl (some girls, for example, refuse to even take their clothes off until you are in a private show). But it seems like some sites have a greater density of girls who are willing to get slutty for less money. This likely depends on how much of a cut the cam site is taking out of their tips. I’ve found that if a girl makes a larger cut of what she earns, she is willing to give more.

With these factors (and others) in mind, why don’t we take a look at one of the more popular camming sites on the web: Camster. Right up there with Chaturbate or Cam Soda, Camster is one of the preeminent adult camming websites, and it provides essentially the same basic services of all the rest: you can create an account for free and then purchase credits with which you will tip the girls. Each girl sets her own prices and credit goals for certain landmark actions (maybe 250 credits, for instance, gets her to take her top off; 500 and she’ll play with her pussy).

Private show prices are also set by each model individually and can vary greatly from one to the next. This price is set at a certain credit amount per minute. If you’re smart, you’ll do a good amount of browsing before you decide to ask a girl for a private show. Some unbelievably hot girls have unbelievably expensive private shows (200+ credits per minute), whereas other really hot chicks are more modest and reasonable and set their shows at a much fairer price (10, 15, even 30 credits per minute).

Not the Hottest Girls (But They Sure are Eager)

As far as Camster is concerned, when I visited (1:00 PM EST on a Tuesday), I’d say most of the girls were fairly hot. However, there was definitely a whole range. Some of these girls were just flat out ugly in my opinion. But, then again, beauty is subjective, and you might be into older, butterfaced, overweight chicks … maybe that’s your thing. But it’s definitely not mine. Don’t get me wrong, there were certainly some smoking hot porn-worthy chicks to check out, but the ratio wasn’t quite as impressive as I’ve seen elsewhere. Again, though, it is important to keep in mind that 1:00 on a Tuesday is not exactly prime time for cam girls, so I’ll let it slide.

One thing that I did notice, though, is that these girls are not nearly as shy in public shows as some of the girls I’ve seen on other camming sites. Nearly every single one of them was doing something worth watching. There’s nothing worse than logging onto your favorite cam site only to find a bunch of super sexy but extremely bored looking chicks just sitting around on their webcam. At the very least (even though the girls were, on average, not as good looking as I would have liked) a good number of them were fingering themselves, naked, or doing a sexy little striptease. So, Camster certainly has a good amount of action going for it. Which also, if my theory is correct, it bodes well because it means that they are paying their girls what they deserve.

Some Interactive Features, But Not All

Another thing to take into account when judging a cam site is the level of interactivity the site provides. For example, I fucking love the Lush Lovense toys. Maybe you’ve seen them in action or heard of them before. For those who haven’t, this is a Bluetooth controlled sex toy that girls place in their pussies, right on the G spot, and it can be remotely controlled by anyone who has access to it to vibrate on command. Pretty fucking amazing stuff.

Now, most cam sites are Lush compatible, and Camster is, luckily, no exception. Here, the Lush is activated based on the tip amount. Basically, the more you tip, the longer / more intense the vibration. This is especially cool in private shows because, in real-time, you can control how much pleasure she feels and when. It’s the closest we’ve come to any kind of digital sex, and it can be enjoyed thousands of miles apart.

Now, the downside to Camster is the fact that, unlike similar sites I’ve been on, they don’t seem to incorporate any heightened levels of interaction. Other cam sites, for example, let the girl host games of chance (a dice roll or wheel spin). She sets the price of each roll or spin and whatever you land on correlates with a specific visual prize (which she also decides).

This could mean, for instance, you tip 25 credits or whatever, roll an 8, and everyone viewing the public show gets to see her, I don’t know, bend over and spank herself with a paddle. The point is, it’s a fun and seemingly basic feature to add to the site that can provide an even higher level of interaction with the models. And Camster is missing out on it.

Model-Friendly, Sense of Community

But one thing that Camster does have going for it that I haven’t seen on other camming sites is that they keep a regularly updated blog, and it looks as if they have some pretty big names who broadcast occasionally on the site. As of March 2018, for example, Camster announced on their blog that Stormy Daniels was to begin using Camster as her exclusive video chat platform. Which means that you, too, can now grab the famous porn star by the pussy! Well…sort of. Camster also offers its models a live mobile site, making it possible for them to broadcast from their phones, which I can only imagine must be hella convenient.

It seems to me from what I can gather that Camster (often misspelled as "camsters") is great for cam models. I’m not going to go so far as to say that it is not also great for viewers, but I will say that it seems as if a great deal of the effort that the site expels is geared toward creating a better experience for the cam girls. And I’m not upset by that at all. In fact, I think that is how it should be. I just wish that Camster did a little bit more to make for a more immersive experience for viewers as well.

All in all, you’ve got happy cam girls (who are, therefore, more likely to go out of their way to please you), a decent overall site design, and all the basic video chat site capabilities. All your missing is some of the extra bells and whistles. The only problem is that those bells and whistles can really go a long way…