Live Sex Awards also called LS Awards is an excellent online community with live cam performance and pornstar performances. Live Sex Awards has proven to be a great choice for thirsty guys looking for a nice sexy chat and camera-to-camera action with sexy models and amateurs.

The site has thousands of registered models spanning from across the world. This cam site will offer you’re the best horny entertainment like nowhere else on the internet. Well, the name is kind of confusing and it doesn’t make sense why they settled for that domain but fuck that, the domain will not strip tease for you.

Live Sex Awards has different categories that you can choose from. The listed categories include, girls (like duh), boys, mature, couples, transsexuals, lesbians, fetishist and others. You can either select either of these categories or you can peruse the thousands of hot profiles for a specific play toy.


Pricing is per credit. Credits can be added using both debit and credit cards. If you have a Click2Pay account, you’re still good to go. We found the pricing plans rather confusing since they changed randomly (for the few times we visited the site). It is recommended that you confirm the current pricing from the official website before making any payment.

Credit block

  • 17.99 credits - $30.99
  • 27.99 credits - $45.99
  • 67.99 credits - $102.99
  • 97.99 credits - $149.99
  • 157.99 credits- £239.99

However, you can still enjoy the free chats and the free shows if you are a little short changed.

Get what you want when you want it

These guys really know how to create the best thirst trap. Once you open the website, you are most likely going to spend thirty minutes on it. The site is arranged just like an unwanted pregnancy, everything leads to another and boom! You’ve missed your 10 o’clock appointment. Finding things and people here is really easy.

Member profiles and Model Bios

Well, not many cam site keep a bio on their models or lets members keep a profile. With LS Award, you can not only keep a profile, but also read member profiles. You can interact with other members as well as with models.

Random member quickchat

And it gets better… you can use this tool to randomly select an online member to engage in chat with. You can chat about anything and everything. No censorship. No nothing. Just everything! Confused?

Second Based Billing

Billing is per second. This makes billing as accurate as it can get. Let’s do some simple maths, you chat for 61 seconds at a cost of $2 per minute. With per minute billing, you will be billed $4 but with per second billing, you will be billed only $2.03

LS awards can add more features to make the website more engaging and fun.

Number of Registered Hosts

The owners claim that they have thousands of registered hosts.

We cannot confirm or deny this, but every time we visited the site, there were over 200 online hosts.


It is not the biggest cam site on the internet but it surely has the potential. With such a range of sexy hosts, and some of the cam features available on the internet, Live Sex Awards will surely make you happy and horny at the same time.