First impression

I became acquainted with this site almost two years ago. My girlfriend at the time was actually employed by them, so I had a crash course in how webcam sites operated. Everything I have seen after that has been compared to this site. Still, I can say that my views haven't been tainted by the first-love theory. When weighed against other sites, it certainly blows most of them out of the water.



$ 29.95for 1 month / 30 days(Rebills after every period)Unlimited access to thousands of archive clips.

$ 29.99for Credits(NON recurring)

$ 39.99for Credits(NON recurring)

$ 69.99for Credits(NON recurring)

$ 99.99for Credits(NON recurring)

$ 159.99for Credits(NON recurring)

$ 3.95for 1 month / 30 days(Rebills after every period)Bronze Package (10 bonus credits).

$ 9.95for 1 month / 30 days(Rebills after every period)Silver Package (35 bonus credits).

$ 19.95for 1 month / 30 days(Rebills after every period)Gold Package (65 bonus credits).

Payment Processors:

Average price for a private session is $3.99 per minute. Average price for Show Mode sessions are $1.99 per minute. There are both non-recurring options and monthly recurring packages. If you really like the site and wish to lift the $175.00 per day spend


Our opinion has a lot of models from which to choose. They come in all ages, body types, and ethnic backgrounds. To make things easier, there are multiple quick-link categories on the very first page. There is the ever-popular "All" button to display currently online models. Then there are the following: Big Tits, Latin, Foot Show, Big Ass, Asian, 18-22, White, Blonde, Small Tits, Ebony, MILF, and BBW. Underneath the Cam Categories box on the right, there are the following links: Girls, SheMales, BBWs, Fetish, Boys, MILFs, Latinas, and Softcore. The number of currently online models is shown in parentheses. There are also links that let you view all the new models. Below "New Faces" is a box with the top rated models. Plus, if you have a model in mind, you can type her name into the search box.


When taken into a private show, most of the time, the models get right down to action. Within seconds, their tops are coming off and their panties soon follow. They are quick to shove their fingers deep in their pussies or whip out their sex toys and start the self-penetration. A few did try to talk to me, but they only took about two or three minutes of my time. One of them simply talked to me while stripping. Most of the models are solo females, but there are some heterosexual and lesbian couples, as well as guys. Shows that are particularly arousing are ones that involve three more more women. You get all those models for the price of one. On top of that, almost all of the models use their sound to its fullest potential. The site strongly encourages its performers to verbally communicate with their viewers.


I recommend avoiding Spy Mode. First, though, I will explain it to you. The feature allows you to be a voyeur during a model's private show. Not all models allow their shows to be watched in this manner, but those that do will have the option to enter Spy Mode appear where their text box would normally be if they were in their free chat. The feature does explicitly state that Spy Mode disables sounds for privacy purposes. What they don't tell you is that the window is small and the video feed is riddled with lag. Only do this if you are having trouble catching your favorite model online. Even in that case, I suggest just sending her a message and coordinating a time to meet. Keep in mind that this is different than Show Mode, which is a reduced-price, non-exclusive live show.


There are some interesting technical features, too. The built-in text translator will automatically translate text chat back and forth between model(s) and member(s). This is pretty accurate and will work as long as you type with proper spelling. And, for once, there is a time counter that displays below the video feed in a private chat showing you how much time your remaining money will give you. It would have been more convenient to display the amount of credits remaining, but a time counter is better than nothing. And at the end of each show displays a detailed receipt.


On the flip side, there are some annoying aspects. These are fortunately few and far between, but they do exist. Age is not displayed in the otherwise detailed profiles. If you want to know how old a model is, you need to ask her. Additionally, there are no exact weights and heights--only ranges. This isn't too much of a problem for most though. Still, these problems are extremely minor inconveniences.


Conclusion lives up to its name and claims. It is definitely up there with the best cam sites. There are plenty of models willing to get naked. There are also plenty of members competing for their time. Since the models are encouraged to communicate with their members (but not when you are paying them money to strip and fuck themselves), you can easily form a regular relationship with someone that you find hot.