XCams.com is the most popular and most widely used adult cam website in many European countries including; Holland, France, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Turkey, and even Italy. The service is currently only minimally used in the United States, but you can tell that it’s only a matter of time before it takes the U.S. market by storm.

The site is best known for its attractive pricing structure which has so far worked very well in the European countries. In fact, most members who get hooked to the website are glued there because for the services they offer and the prices they charge, they provide the best value for money. XCams.com boasts thousands of models, has quite an innovative website design, and provides excellent customer support.


It is important to mention that joining XCams.com is very easy. The sign-up process is simple and within a few minutes, you will be a member. However, to start using XCam.com services, you will need a small package price.

Nevertheless, the site has a very special offer for every new member. When you first join, you will be able to engage in web cam chats with models of your choice for as little as 5 minutes per dollar (5mins/$1). It makes perfect sense when you’re still new and unconvinced about the website. You can commit less than $10, experience the service for close to an hour, and make up your mind on whether to enroll for the premium plan.

Talking of premium plans, XCams.com has five (5) distinct premium plans to choose from.

  • The XL Package: 1140 Credits @ $250
  • The L Package : 570 Credits @ $150
  • The M Package: 235 Credits @ $75
  • The S Package: 110 Credits @ $40
  • The XS Package: 45 Credits @ $25

Note: XCams.com also allows models to charge their own prices. You need to beware of this when dealing with a model. Find out whether the model uses the XCam.com pricing model or their pricing structures and if so how much they charge per minute.

Best Features

XCams.com has a good many impressive features. The first impression is awesome and although video feeds can take a few seconds to load, the quality of each video is usually very high which can only keep you on the site. A total of 15 languages are supported and users can choose from four video screen sizes depending on how close you want to view your girls. However, the best four features are;

  • HD Cams

Simply locate the “HD” icon on your screen and you can view most of your videos in High Definition. HD can be unreal when watching cam girls up-close and slutty!

  • Video window

You can choose from a total of 4 different video windows, depending on your needs. Viewers with very fast internet connections can choose the largest screen options because you don’t have to worry about slow load times and broken frames.

  • Video archive

Interestingly, if you identify a favorite model, you can purchase their previous shows and watch them at your own time!

  • Audio

Most XCams.com models usually turn on their mics so you can hear them moan as they fuck or strip.

Number of registered hosts

Last time we checked (which was only recently), XCams.com had 4,000+ models with more than 200 always online at any given time.


In summary, XCams.com is another great sex cam website where you can find plenty of adult fun at a reasonable cost.